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Raise a Glass to Dad: Father's Day Cocktail Recipes to Celebrate in Style

Written by: Tori Matthews



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Father’s Day is coming up and instead of buying him the same old pack of beer or cheap bottle of whiskey because he’s too proud to ask for the nice stuff, surprise your Dad with a refreshing cocktail that he can sip on after hitting the green, mastering the grill, and telling his 100th Dad joke of the day. These drink concoctions range from easy cocktail recipes and revamps to the latest blends and mocktail mixes. 

Cocktail Classics:

If your Dad is the type that is no-frills, loves the K.I.S.S. Method, has had the same night cap for the last 20 years, then sticking with a classic cocktail is the way to go. These recipes are pretty simple and you can easily get the ingredients in most liquor stores. Just pick up their favorite spirit and these tried and true drinks will go down easy.


Manhattan carries an air of sophistication and tradition. This has been an old stand-by and a part of the Bartenders Manual since 1882. We recommend using the Luxardo cherry because the flavor profile blends the best with the cocktail as a whole.


  • 2oz of your Dad’s favorite whiskey

  • 1 oz sweet vermouth

  • 2 dashes of bitters

  • Garnish: Luxardo cherry


  • Add whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters into a mixing glass with ice. Stir until well combined.

  • Strain into his favorite rock glass (bonus points if chilled)

  • Garnish with brandied cherry

Manhattan cocktail

Old Fashioned

If one of our Dad’s favorite shows is Mad Men, then you have probably heard him talk about, order, or make at home an Old Fashioned. But this cocktail classic is really just a great mixed drink that is easy to make and gives instant satisfaction.


  • 1 teaspoon or 1 sugar cube

  • 3 dashes bitters

  • 2 oz bourbon or rye whiskey if that’s his style

  • Garnish with orange twist


  • Add sugar and bitters into mixing glass, then add a little bit of water. Stir until sugar is nearly dissolved

  • Fill mixing glass with ice, add bourbon, and stir until well-chilled

  • Strain into rocks glass over ice (bonus points for one large ice cube like this)

  • Rub oil of the orange twist around the rim of the glass and then drop into glass to garnish

Old Fashioned cocktail

Loaded Bloody Mary

You would be hard pressed to find someone that doesn’t appreciate a good Bloody Mary, especially if it's loaded with tasty little snacks like bacon, pickles, celery, and shrimp. Make it fun and set up a mini Bloody Mary bar with all the fixings, and if you’re feeling motivated maybe throw in some mini burger sliders or chicken tenders and really load that baby up.


  • 4 oz of your choice of Bloody Mary mix

  • 1 ½ oz Vodka

  • Celery stalk

  • Olives

  • Pickles

  • Shrimp

  • Bacon

  • Lime wedges


  • Put ice in glass

  • Pour in vodka then mix and stir

  • Put in bacon and celery stalk

  • Stick the rest of the garnishes on toothpicks

Loaded Bloody Mary

Creative Remixes:

Most Dads like the tried and trues of any category be it cars, tools, and the heavily defended preference between Lowes and Home Depot. But old favorites get much needed upgrades to fit the times and sometimes switching up your cocktails with a creative remix is a fun and refreshing way to enjoy your next happy hour.and escape cocktail fatigue.

Paloma with Mezcal

If your Dad isn’t one that likes normal margaritas or is tired of them entirely, we recommend a paloma and instead of blanco tequila, mix it with Mezcal. This is our favorite twist on the cocktail, where the smoky flavors of the mezcal blend beautifully with the bright grapefruit juice and balanced out with the agave. We choose to use grapefruit juice and then add the bubbles with Topo Chico because some grapefruit sodas can be overpowering with that sugar taste and you lose the balance of the flavors.  Pro tip: line the rim with tajin or some kind of chili salt for an extra little kick.


  • 2 oz of mezcal

  • ½ oz lime juice, freshly squeezed

  • 4 oz of grapefruit juice, freshly squeezed (you can do grapefruit soda)

  • 2-3 oz Topo Chico

  • 1 tablespoon of agave

  • Tajin for rim

  • Garnish with lime wedge


  • Run lime wedge and get some juice on the rim then dip into tajin

  • Add ice to tall glass and pour in mezcal, freshly squeezed lime juice, grapefruit juice, and topo chico

  • Stir together and then top with agave

Paloma with Mezcal

Spanish Gin and Tonic

A Spanish Gin and Tonic brings in some creative flow to the three ingredient cocktail. Consider what flavors to bring into the fold that you think Dad would like the most. Looking at the suggestions for this recipe, we can see some of those citrus flavors playing well with those fresh herbs and a peppercorn kick at the end. 


  • 2 oz dry gin 

  • 4 oz tonic water

  • Citrus (lemon, lime, orange and/or grapefruit) slices, wedges, or twists

  • Fresh herbs such as mint, basil, sage, lemon thyme, fennel, tarragon, or lavender (you don’t have to get all of these, a couple will suffice)

  • Spices like peppercorns, juniper berries, or star anise

  • Optional cucumber slices


  • Combine gin and tonic in a glass of ice.

  • Garnish with citrus, herbs, spices, and cucumber slices.

  • Stir gently and enjoy.

Spanish Gin and Tonic

Beer Mojito

For the Beer Mojito choosing between a beer and a cocktail is the age old dilemma but this fun twist on a mojito combines both! Mix up the mojito first and top with your Dad’s preferred golden ale, or one that would really blend well with the flavors of mint, rum, and lime. 


  • 4 lime wedges

  • 12 mint leaves

  • 1 teaspoon sugar syrup

  • 1 ½ oz white rum

  • Golden ale


  • Squeeze juice from 3 of the 4 lime wedges into tall glass

  • Drop lime wedges in and muddle

  • Drop in 9 mint leaves and sugar syrup

  • Fill glass with crushed ice and pour in rum

  • Stir with long spoon to evenly disperse lime juice and mint

  • Top up with golden ale and garnish with remaining lime and mint leaves

Beer Mojito

Cocktail Fresh Takes:

For the Dads that stay up to date on everything from tech and gadgets to the latest restaurants and bars, making a new cocktail for him will be a welcomed surprise. Shaking up a new mixed drink and serving it on Father’s Day will be the cherry on top. Besides, you might end up making or ordering these yourself.

Big Daddy

Feel free to change the name if it feels too weird to repeat but the flavors of this pack a delicious punch. Old Grand Dad is one of those Kentucky bourbons that doesn’t put on any airs but is a simple, good bourbon that many bourbon connoisseurs have an appreciation for. Paired with light, citrusy flavors, this cocktail is ideal for not only Father’s Day but the Summer too. 


  • 1 ½ oz. Old Grand Dad

  • ½ oz lemon juice

  • ½ oz. simple syrup

  • 1 dash bitters

  • 4 mint leaves


  • Combine whiskey, lemon juice, simple syrup, and bitters in shaker

  • Shaker to combine, pour over ice in rocks glass

  • Garnish with mint 

Big Daddy

Black Demure

The Black Demure stikes a balance between spicy, oaky bourbon and the fruity flavors from the blackberries, Massenez creme de mure and oranges. It’s an interesting cocktail blend that will pique the palette and make your Dad feel like he’s at his favorite cocktail 


  • 2oz Wild Turkey 81-proof bourbon

  • ¼ oz Massenez creme de mure

  • ½ oz Cointreau

  • 3/4  oz lemon juice, freshly squeezed

  • ½ oz simple syrup

  • Garnish: blackberry and orange wheel


  • Add the bourbon, creme de mure, Cointreau, lemon juice and simple syrup into a shaker with ice and shake until well-chilled.

  • Strain into an Old Fashioned glass over fresh ice.

  • Garnish with a blackberry and an orange wheel.

Black Demure


The Siesta is the perfect Father’s Day/weekend afternoon cocktail that is a perfect balance of citrus and aperitif flavors that your Dad can easily enjoy after 18 holes, fixing up the backyard, and at sunset after a delicious dinner. The name may even inspire a well deserved nap while watching golf. But don’t change the channel, he was watching that.


  • 2 oz tequila blanco

  • ¾ oz fresh lime juice

  • ¾ oz simple syrup

  • ½ oz Campari

  • ½ oz fresh grapefruit juice

  • Lime wheel for serving


  • Combine tequila, lime juice, simple syrup, Campari, and grapefruit juice in a cocktail shaker. 

  • Fill shaker with ice, cover, and shake vigorously until outside of shaker is very cold (about 20 seconds)

  • Strain cocktail through strainer or slotted spoon into chilled glass

  • Garnish with lime wheel


Mocktail Makings:

We have been loving all of these mocktail recipes coming out in recent years and found three tasty drink mixes that would be a lovely refreshment that everyone can enjoy, kids included. Father’s Day is on a Sunday and not everyone likes to imbibe before the work week starts (Sunday scaries anyone?). So mix up one of these mocktails, sit back, and just enjoy the moment with your Dad.

Blueberry Ginger Mocktail

This Blueberry Ginger Mocktail is a blend of tart, sweet, and a spicy kick. We can see this made at brunch as a special edition to the menu. Skip the mimosas and bloody mary’s and sip on this mocktail as a bright and fun way to start Father’s Day.


  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice

  • 2 tablespoons water

  • ½ tablespoon fresh ginger juice

  • 3 tablespoons blueberry drink concentrate

  • Fresh mint

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Blueberries


  • Crush ice into small, pebble like pieces and add to glass

  • In shaker, add a few ice cubes, lemon juice, water, ginger juice, blueberry drink and shake to combine and chill

  • Use strainer and pour over ice in glass

  • Garnish with cinnamon stick, blueberries, and fresh mint

Watermelon Lime Mocktail

This Watermelon Lime Mocktail is straight up Summer in a drink. Juicy watermelon, bright sparks of lime, and a touch of spice sounds incredible. We can see this paired with some fajitas or grilling out on the weekends.  


  • 4 cups frozen diced watermelon (cut into 1-inch cubes)

  • 2 fresh limes (plus extra lime slices for garnish)

  • 1 cup water

  • Tajin


  • Run lime wedge around rim of glass and dip into tajin

  • Blend frozen watermelon chunks, lime juice, and water into blender

  • Blend until smooth and add water as needed to get slushie consistency

  • Pour into serving glass and top with slice of lime

Watermelon Lime Mocktail

Triple Citrus Kombucha Fezz with Salty Chili Sugar

This mocktail has a big flavor profile that will have you thinking it really is a cocktail. The combination of kombucha, fizzy ginger beer, and fresh slices of citrus fruits is a unique concoction that makes this a perfect afternoon pick me up. 


  • Crushed ice for serving

  • Salt, sugar, and chili powder mix for rim

  • Lime wedges

  • Orange slices

  • ½ grapefruit sliced

  • 2 oz freshly squeezed orange juice

  • 6 oz grapefruit or citrus kombucha

  • 2 oz ginger beer


  • Stir together salt, sugar, and chili powder on small plate.

  • Rim each glass with lime wedge and dip in salt sugar.

  • Fill glasses with crushed ice and mix of sliced citrus

  • In each glass, stir together juices and kombucha

  • Top each drink off with ginger beer