Hopsulator Slim | SALE

Brand: Brumate

  • $27.99
  • $29.99

Customize the front, back, or both!

Laser Engrave or Color Print

Hopsulator Slim | SALE

About the Product

Come and get ‘em while before they’re gone!

Exclusive for 12 oz slim cans, this triple insulated, zero condensation masterpiece is perfect for your White Claws, Truly’s, Red Bull’s, and anything else that fits the bill. Featuring Push-Lock™ Technology, just push down your can and enjoy your drink til the last drop.

Please handwash all Brumate products. You may put your lid and gasket ring in the dishwasher but first turn OFF the hot water and heat-dry function.

Ensure Customization Longevity:

Color printed drinkware should be handwashed only.

Laser engraved customizations are permanent and dish-washer safe (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer)