Brand: Wyld Gear

Daze 30 | Cooler Bag

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  • $269.99

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Daze 30 | Cooler Bag

About the Product

Don’t get fooled, the compact size doesn’t mean they sacrificed on features and quality. From the virtually impenetrable waterproof skin to the cold storage pocket inside the lid and the water-resistant storage pockets to store your phone and wallet, these cooler bags are true outdoor gear masterpieces. With the flip back top that allows for easy operation, the removable shoulder strap for comfortable wear and puncture-resistant nyweb straps and buckles, you can conveniently carry your favorite drinks at maximum capacity. Anywhere. With superior protection and insulation.

All Wyld Gear party cups are hand wash only. Avoid using an abrasive dish brush.

Ensure Customization Longevity:

Color printed drinkware should be handwashed only.

Laser engraved customizations are permanent and dish-washer safe (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer)