Wyld Gear Wyld Party Cup | 24 oz

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Color – Red

    Customized Wyld Party Cup 24 oz Tumblers from Wyld Gear
    Customized Wyld Party Cup 24 oz Tumblers from Wyld Gear
    Customized Wyld Party Cup 24 oz Tumblers from Wyld Gear
    Customized Wyld Party Cup 24 oz Tumblers from Wyld Gear
    Customized Wyld Party Cup 24 oz Tumblers from Wyld Gear

    Feeling nostalgic for those late nights playing beer pong and partying with your friends? But are you now a little more eco conscious and want to get bang for your buck? The WYLD Cup™ is the reusable, eco-friendly, and high performance upgrade you’ve been looking for.

    This insulated beauty keeps that beer from going flat and warm. We’re adults now, we like to enjoy our drinks. The addition of the Wyld Slyder™, you can get down, get rowdy, and let go, without ever spilling a drop. And on top of all of this, you can set your cup down with the fear of the dreaded slide, as this cup comes with a non-slip rubber base to keep your drink where you left it. No more, “Wait, is this mine?”


    Are customizations dishwasher safe?

    All Wyld Gear party cups are hand wash only. Avoid using an abrasive dish brush.

    All Products:
    Color printed tumblers should be handwashed only.
    Laser engravings are permanent and dish-washer safe.

    Do you review orders for errors or typos?

    We do not review designs in detail, as there are many opportunities during the order process to verify the details of your order and artwork before submitting.

    Orders are assumed to be correct as placed, though we do reserve the right to make any corrections we do happen to catch based on our best judgment. We may also reach out to you via e-mail or phone number (if provided) to address any issues that prevent us from continuing the production of your order.

    What customization methods do you use?

    Laser Engraving is best for one color graphics and provides a permanent decoration that appears in raw stainless steel. If your product is bare stainless steel, engravings will come out black.

    Best for:

  • Images containing 1-4 colors or strong lines
  • Illustrations
  • Logos
  • Plain text

  • Color Printing is great for any image from one color logos up to full color photographs, and appears in flat, glossy color. Meaning no special color textures like metallic, glitter, fluorescent, or glow-in-the-dark, etc.
    Laser engraving is permanent, whereas color print is semi-permanent.

    Best For:

  • Full Color Photographs
  • Logos with gradients and backgrounds
  • Images or Illustrations with no strong lines
  • Will I be able to review my design?

    We do not provide proofs as part of the order process, The preview that you see online should be the expected result when you receive your order.

    After you order, you will have access to the preview file inside of your order details within your account.

    If you see something wrong with your preview, email or call us within 24 hours and we'll do our best to make the requested changes to your order.

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