10 Inspiring Women-Owned Businesses, Nonprofits and Creators to Support This Women's History Month

Written by: Tori Matthews



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Women are a powerful force that continue to transform and revolutionize the world around us for the better. From the Marie Curies and Rosa Parks of before to the Malala Yousafzais and Sonia Sotomayors of today, their achievements, activism, and advancements to our society continue to shatter barriers and inspire future generations of women to continue to push boundaries, challenge norms and strive for a better tomorrow. 

Reshman Saujani - Girls Who Code

Changing the way the world views who a computer programmer is and can be, Reshman Saujani founded the international nonprofit Girls Who Code to close the gender gap in technology. Not only does her nonprofit provide opportunities to learn coding through clubs, summer programs, and career prep but also teaches girls to have confidence and bravery in STEM. A lifelong activist, Saujani was the first Indian American woman to run for U.S. Congress. She is the author of four books , including the international bestseller Brave, Not Perfect, Women Who Don't Wait In Line, Pay Up: The Future of Women and Work and the New York Times Bestseller Girls Who Code: Learn to Code and Change the World.

Tracee Mathes - Swig Life Drinkware

Tracee Mathes,  Swig Life’s CEO , created a women-owned drinkware company with products designed for women. Swig also prioritizes partnerships with women-owned boutiques to sell their products. With premium insulated drinkware that’s both fashion-forward and functional, her company is a trendsetter in the reusable drinkware market. We are a proud supporter and partner with Swig Life drinkware, check out  our collection  on Custom Branding! 

Anne Drane - Sawa Sawa

Austin local Anne Drane is the co-founder and CEO of non-profit  Sawa Sawa . Her non-profit empowers artisan women in Kenya to sell their handmade purses and jewelry globally to make a living. Through her work, Drane pays tribute to her Kenyan heritage while honoring ancient craftsmanship passed down for generations. Sawa Sawa has changed the lives of women in Kenya by providing them with a sustainable living and increased quality of life. 

Tina Cannon - Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce

Tina Cannon is the CEO and president of  Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce . The Austin LGBT Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization that advocates for Austin’s LGBT+ business community. She developed the first ever LGBT business track at SXSW Interactive and helped produce  Pride in Local Music , a music festival showcasing local queer artists. In the past, she served as VP of Local Government Relations with the Greater Austin Chamber, senior policy analyst for the Austin City Council, and a founding partner of entrepreneurial advisory firm Napkin Venture.

Mahila Abidi - Author of Pakistan for Women and Rise

Mahila Abidi is a Pakistani-American  artist and illustrator  creating positive change through her dedication to using her art to advocate for women’s rights and mental health. Her most recent book  Rise  celebrates the stories of 100 women of color who have changed the world. Abidi is also the founder and creator of Women Rise NFT, a Web 3.0 initiative with the focus on women’s rights and girls’ education, with the process going to charities such as  Malala Fund  and  The Girl Effect .

Whitney Wolfe Herd - Bumble

Whitney Wolfe Herd is the cofounder and former CEO of Bumble. Bumble is a dating app that empowers women to make the first move, a feature that has reshaped the dating landscape since its release. In 2021, Wolfe Herd took Bumble public and became the youngest female CEO to do so at the age of 31. Wolfe Herd is also an advocate for women’s empowerment and entrepreneurship. She has been recognized on Forbes’ “30 under 30” and Time’s “100 Most Influential People.”

Lisa Rosado - We Are Women Owned Small Business Directory

Lisa Rosado is the founder of  We Are Women Owned , a platform and business directory designed to help female entrepreneurs gain brand visibility, find community and introduce their business to a growing audience. Rosado decided after a decade of working as a retail buyer to start a lifestyle blog and online boutique before creating this community. Aiming to be the go-to destination to discover, shop and support women-owned small businesses, We Are Women Owned mindfully curates their directory with socially conscious, sustainability oriented So far there are over 100 female-founded product, service based businesses and nonprofits that can be discovered, including  Inspired Journey Consulting The Light Leaks , and  Precious Dreams Foundation .

LP Giobbi - Femme House

LP Giobbi is a world renowned music producer and DJ who is known for her fusion of jazz piano, house and funk. She is also an entrepreneur, music director, and curator for W hotels, and founder of the non-profit Femme House.  Femme House  is a platform that fosters more equitable opportunities for women and non-binary artists in the technical and behind the scene areas of music through educational and scholarship-based sessions, courses, and free gear. 

Helen Zia - American Citizen for Justice

Helen Zia is an activist for LGBT+ and Asian American rights. She is the co-founder of  American Citizens for Justice , a non-profit Asian Pacific American civil rights advocacy organization. Through ACJ, Zia has played an instrumental role in the fight for justice surrounding Vincent Chin’s murder and was featured in the Academy Award-nominated documentary Who Killed Vincent Chin?. Zia is also an award-winning author and journalist, with her work commenting on issues in LGBT+ and Asian American communities as well as bringing civil rights and important issues of the law into the public eye. In 2010 she was a witness in the federal marriage equality case decided by the Supreme Court and one of the first same-sex couples legally marry in the state of California.

Kate Milligan - 1 Girl Revolution

Kate Milligan is an Emmy-nominated producer, speaker, author and the founder of  1 Girl Revolution , a multimedia organization that spotlights ordinary women who are changing the world through their lives. Her organization hopes to inspire women and girls to see their value and purpose and use that to create powerful change. As the host of 1 Girl Revolution’s podcast, Milligan opens up the conversation and gives these women a platform to share their stories.

Support Your Local Women Nonprofits

We encourage all of you to learn more about the amazing nonprofits in your area that are making a difference in women’s lives. Here are some local Austin Women Nonprofits in our area, if you would like to learn more and support, follow the links down below!