Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Branding - Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Products (General)

We recommend hand-washing all vacuum-sealed products, as well as any color-printed products, as a dishwasher can damage the vacuum seal itself and the printed design, respectively. The actual design on engraved products is dishwasher-safe, and permanent.

Our customers love our unique, exceptional, customized products made individually with care, and that is where we focus our efforts. To ensure the highest level of quality and service in that regard, we do not offer bulk pricing, quantity discounts, affiliate programs or any other resale/wholesale-focused accounts, services, or pricing.

At present, we do not offer custom item or contract branding services. You can customize any of the products we offer on our site.

We work hard to ensure our prices are as competitive as possible without compromising our high level of product quality and service, and thus are unable to offer price matching. That said, when placing your order feel free to ask if there is a current discount promotion, and we’ll be happy to hook it up!

We order stock on-demand, per-order and don’t have a live stock count or status. However we are notified of major ongoing stock issues and any products experiencing one of those will be listed as unavailable. It can still be ordered, but has no defined turn time, and will likely be significantly longer than the standard turn time of 10 business days until shipping. For smaller stock issues, we are notified on a case-by-case basis once the order has already been placed, at which point we’ll make sure to notify you immediately!

We stock and fulfill orders on-demand, per order, and don’t keep stock in-house for future orders. That said, we do have our fulfillment processes well established and streamlined with our suppliers, which allows us to maintain a consistent turn time for the products we offer. We also update the site to align with any major stock shortages we’re aware of, so that you can expect a longer turnaround for those products.

To ensure consistency in the shipping process, package customization (including any sort of insert) isn’t something we offer.

We do sell gift cards! Those can be purchased in preset amounts of $10, $25, $50, and $100.

Follow this link to Purchase!

If the gift card option does not appear on that page, please reach out to us directly and we can confirm availability.

We offer two decoration methods for Drinkware and Coolers - Laser Engraving and Full Color Print.

Laser Engraving is best for one color graphics and provides a permanent decoration that appears in raw stainless steel.

Color Printing is great for any image from one color logos up to full color photographs, and appears in flat (meaning no special color textures like metallic, glitter, fluorescent, or glow-in-the-dark, etc.), glossy color. Laser engraving is permanent, whereas color print is semi-permanent. *** Please note, some hard coolers with "Front" decorations, will have artwork applied by Heat Press

We do our best to ensure your order is packed safely, but in the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please contact us upon receipt of your package. Please have your order number, and a photograph of the sticker’s condition, and box, as it was received.

Cart, Checkout & Shipping

All orders for in-stock products have an average estimated turnaround time of ten (10) business days, from order placement to shipping. Orders placed after 3PM Central will begin processing the following day. Unavailable products have a longer, indeterminate turnaround, but are fulfilled as quickly as possible.

Once shipped, the shipping method chosen at checkout will determine transit time. Transit times for Ground Shipping will vary by zip code, but we offer faster shipping methods at an additional cost. In any case, while we ensure expected times are very accurate, we do not guarantee delivery dates for any order.

We currently only ship within the United States including US territories, but will be adding international shipping options to Canada and Mexico soon! We do not accept third-party shipping accounts at this time.

After decoration, products are repackaged in the original branded manufacturer packaging, and put in the shipping box along with any other items, labeled, and shipped right to the address you’ve provided.

Absolutely! Once you’ve added the first item to your cart, you can click “Continue Shopping” to go back to the main page of the site, where you’ll simply repeat the process for each different product or design you want. Once everything is in your cart, you can proceed to checkout!

Certainly! If you want multiple colors of the same product, once you click the “Add to Cart” button in the Customizer, click the “Add Another” button on the right side of the page. This will duplicate the item in question while allowing you to choose another item color.

On the cart screen, below the “Continue Shopping” button, there is a field labeled “Add a note for the seller” that can be used to add a note to an order. However, please be aware very limited changes are possible once an order has been placed, and notes are not guaranteed to be seen or acted upon, so please reach out in advance regarding your request, and if a note is appropriate, one of our agents will direct you to enter one!

Sure! To do that, click the bag shaped button at the top right of the page to review your cart, then click the trash can button to the right of any item to remove it. On the full cart screen (only shown right after adding an item), click the “remove” button under the item description instead. If you’ve created an account, saved items removed from your cart are still saved to your account, so you can come back to them later.

We do our best to ensure your order is packed safely, but in the event that your order arrives damaged in any way, please contact us upon receipt of your package. Please have your order number, and a photograph of the sticker’s condition, and box, as it was received.

Designs & Decoration

We do not review designs in detail, as there are many opportunities during the order process to verify the details of your order and artwork before submitting. Thus, orders are assumed to be correct as placed, though we do reserve the right to make any corrections we do happen to catch based on our best judgment.

Yes! To do so, we recommend creating an account.  Once you are logged in, click the "Save" button in our Customizer to permanently save your design to your account history.  If you are not logged in, the design will not save to your account and the site will not keep the design on file after 24 hours.

Once a design has been added to the shopping cart, it becomes locked, and can no longer be edited on the website. If you need to make major changes, a new product will have to be created. If the change you need is minor, we may be able to do that for you if you notify us immediately after placing your order, or include that as a note on the final checkout page. Reaching out directly is the best method, as we will be able to confirm immediately if your request is possible.

Absolutely! Simply click the small share logo button on the Customizer, which will provide multiple ways to share the design to someone else or a direct link to copy and send as needed.

The artwork is something you choose, create, or upload online, with many opportunities to verify that it’s exactly what you want, so we don’t provide proofs as part of the order process, and what you see online is what we’ll produce. We’re happy to send you a preview of your design post-order, but that can also be viewed online in your account.

A transparent vector SVG file will provide the best results for both engraving and color print.

However, our site will accept any SVG, JPG/JPEG, or PNG file smaller than 10 MB. If you’re uploading a JPG/JPEG or PNG, you’ll want your artwork at least 1000x1000 px for drinkware, and 1800x3300 px for coolers. Please contact us directly for more specific design specs.

At Custom Branding, we want to take your product to a whole you level. Outside of the many color and brand options we offer, we also have a magical tool to take the personalization even further. Introducing our customizer tool. When you click on a product, the options on the right side are customize, add a quick name or text, or buy it blank. Now, if you have landed on our site, then you are probably in the headspace to get creative. 

Check out our tutorial videos below to unlock the magic!

Customize On Mobile Customize On Desktop