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Top 5 Custom Branding Back to School Essentials

Written by: Tori Matthews



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The summer days are starting to wane, which means that the next school year is getting closer to kicking off. While not everyone may love going back to classes, back to school shopping, however, is always a nice little incentive to get back into that routine. We have selected our top 5 back to school essentials that your kids or teachers in your life would love to have for their first day of school. Check out our options below and our new Back to School Design Collection!

1. Water Bottle
simple modern kids bottle custom printed for back to school collection
Staying hydrated while learning is fundamental to keeping that brain power at 100%. Every bottle has a stainless steel and insulated design, so it stays ice cold throughout the whole school day. This is an eco-friendly option that keeps
your house, and schools, free of single use plastic water bottles. Plus, you can add a cute back to school design and even some stickers, which is a great way to help your little learner show off their personality. Our bottles range from 12 oz - 14 oz for kids and up to 40 oz for those heading into middle and high school.

2.Lunch Box 
igloo hard top soft cooler custom printed for back to school collection
Lunchboxes can be the penultimate accessory for any kid or teenager. Also, they need to last all year right? Check out our different options, from cute and collapsible, like the Igloo Collapsible Lunch with Pack Ins (also free tupperware, talk about convenient!) to stylish and chic like the Igloo Luxe Mini Convertible Backpack. Keep their food fresh through your first few classes before the lunch bell rings. Because when your kids are happy, you’re happy.


simple modern classic tumbler custom printed for back to school collection
Obviously, tumblers are a must for those that like to switch it up with how they start off their day. Or want to be able to use one cup so it’s easier to change up the hydration situation. All of our tumblers will make your coffee, tea (or hot chocolate if that’s your vibe) stay hot throughout the morning and when you’re ready, the stainless steel interior makes it easy to wash out. Fill it back up with soda, juice, or iced water without sacrificing temperature quality. With tons of designs to choose from, this will be a school staple for students and teachers alike.

brumate toddy mug in onyx black engraved for back to school collection
For those that like that classic mug feeling, our insulated mug selection ranges from different sizes, handles, and hand-feels. These are great for teachers or anyone else that works in the school, where coffee and tea are most likely a lifeline for the first couple hours (or more, who’s judging anyway). Personalize it with your name and a design so that it stands out in the teacher’s lounge

igloo tote bag custom printed for back to school collection
More geared towards the teachers, school workers, or maybe those that love to share with their friends, our insulated totes are a great option for keeping your lunch and snacks fresh until it’s time to chow down. There are a couple of different styles and sizes to choose from, each capable of having an awesome printed custom design to show off your personality.