| sara eaton

10 Halloween Movies & Drink Pairings

It may only be the beginning of September, but we know all y’all are putting up your Halloween decorations, planning your costumes, and deciding what to do for All Hallows Eve. So to scare up the Halloween vibes, we have picked out 10 ghoulishly good movies and devilishly delicious drink pairings to get you in the spooky mood.

10. Creepy Shirley Temples & The Conjuring | Watch on HBO Max

Black Magic Margaritas & Practical Magic
Starting this list out with a jump scare, all things creepy, terrifying, and a dose of evil spirits, a creepy shirley temple and The Conjuring watch through is a must. What better way to kick off spooky season than with one of the scariest movies from the 2010's. So get your partner or favorite teddy bear to hold onto and hopefully your cocktail will help you live through the night.

9.The Maliboo & Ghostbusters | Watch on Hulu

The Maliboo & Ghostbusters
This cocktail and movie mix will have you totally possessed. This comedic combination will warm your spirits and any ghosts that happen to be floating around. Get your proton packs ready, have your Maliboo cocktail in hand, and watch out for slime!

8. Witch’s Brew & Hocus Pocus | Watch on Disney Plus

Witch’s Brew & Hocus Pocus
Of course, we had to pick out a mocktail that is a must when watching the legendary Hocus Pocus. We can all agree that you will suffer the Sanderson Sisters curse if you don’t stream this cult classic and a great way to get into the witchy spirit is concocting your own witch’s brew. Bonus points if you make a big amount and scoop it out of a cauldron.

7. Pumpkin Spice Latte & Sleepy Hollow | Watch on Hulu

Pumpkin Spice Latte & Sleepy Hollow
Pumpkins are dancing in our heads already and this combo is pumpkin overload (but really, the addiction is pretty strong). Whip up your own pumpkin spice latte, or you can cheat and go to Starbucks, and pop on Sleepy Hollow. The warm coffee plus the chilling headless horseman is a great balance between the best and creepiest parts of October.

6. Blood Orange Soda & What We Do in the Shadows | Watch on Amazon Prime

Blood Orange Soda & What We Do in the Shadows
A refreshing blood orange soda is perfect to sip on while watching this lighthearted, horror comedy. What We Do in the Shadows shows the goofy side of living an eternal life as a vampire. This pairing is definitely more on the treat side and is a great trick to get your not-so-Halloween-obsessed friends to fall into a deep vampiric trance.

5. Cider Sangria & Halloween | Watch on Sling and Amazon Prime

Cider Sangria & Halloween
The ultimate holiday movie, Halloween is a must watch during the month of October. Partnered with a cider sangria (mocktail or not), you’ll have a pitcher’s worth of liquid courage to survive Michael Meyers.

4. Liquid Web Cocktail & Casper the Friendly Ghost | Watch on Amazon Prime

Liquid Web Cocktail & Casper the Friendly Ghost Prime
The benefits of being an adult is you can combine your inner childhood wonder with scarily good cocktails, and the liquid web cocktail paired with Casper the Friendly Ghost is a guaranteed SpoOoOoOOoOky good time.

3. Jack O Lantern Latte & The Nightmare Before Christmas | Watch on Disney Plus

Jack O Lantern Latte & The Nightmare Before Christmas
This childhood staple never gets old and have always dreamt of visiting the world of Halloween Town. Nestle into the cozy nostalgia with the Jack O’ Lantern Latte. This flavorful coffee drink will make you feel like the pumpkin king (or queen) yourself.

2. Harvest Punch & The Village | Rent on Amazon Prime, Youtube, and Google Play

Harvest Punch & The Village
One of M. Night. Shamalayan’s most popular films, The Village perfectly combines that strong Fall color palette and energy with a slow creeping eeriness. We paired this with the harvest punch, a perfect mix of fall fruits and flavors that will make you feel like you’re a villager yourself (without having to do any manual labor).

1. Black Magic Margaritas & Practical Magic | Watch on HBO Max

Black Magic Margaritas & Practical Magic
Channeling your inner witch, Practical Magic is one of those classic stories that combines comedy, drama, and romance into a fun ride of a movie. Partner with a black magic margarita, you’ll really feel your spellbinding oats. Remember, "There's a little witch in all of us".