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14 Festival Essentials That You Will Never Go Without Again

Written by: Tori Matthews



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Festival season is here and we love getting lost in our own dreamy wonderlands for a weekend. Whether it’s diving into a world of new food, art, music or maybe all three, festivals are one of the best getaways out there. The prepping stages building up to a festival weekend are always exciting and there are tons of outfits, accessories, and gear to consider when deciding on what is going to be essential. One of our must have requirements is that it’s got to last and stand the test of any possible situation thrown at you. You never know when a storm will strike, or if the sun decides you are the one on the grill, or if something breaks. We have collected a list of our favorites that will be your next perfect festival buddy.

Any Festival

Girl standing in the sunset over a field of people at a festival
Get yourself a lighter with a fire that won’t go out till you snap it shut. Plus, you can light your campfire, help a friend out in a crowd, and raise your flame to the sky during your favorite ballad. 

The worst thing when going to a festival is having too many things in your pockets, camel back, and your fanny pack. This minimalist wallet is perfect for keeping your cards, ID, and cash in a one slim package. No more bulgy pockets, no more loose cards, and no more worries. At least till Monday.

One-Day Festival

A group of festival goers
Perfect for those one day events, showcase your personality and enjoy your festival with ease. These roomy totes are made of recycled canvas and are perfect to hold all your purchases like that new wine, cute shirt from the merch stand, and any other keepsakes that will keep the memories alive.

For those smaller, one day events we recommend the Igloo Tag Along. It’s got that cute retro feel and with their vibrant color combinations, it can easily become an accessory to your festival outfit.  Whether it’s a kite festival in the park or blues on the grass, this is great to keep you refreshed and in the moment.

A super versatile backpack, carry all of your essentials with you and still have room for everything tasty and thirst-quenching. Carry up to two 6 packs of your favorite brews and keep the fun under the sun going.

Bring your cocktail with you when you’re campsite hopping or pour one in after hitting the bar to keep every drop in place and enjoy it down to the last sip without the dreaded watered down flavor.

Camping Festival

A girl enjoying herself dancing in a tent city at a music festival
At a camping festival, the campsite is the inner sanctum of refresh, recharge, and restock. That first sip of ice cold soda, beer, cocktail, water, or whatever it is you need, is life changing. 

Have a cooler that backs you up and will keep your ice and everything inside perfectly chilled throughout the weekend. The RTIC 45 QT Cooler keeps ice for up to 5 days, can hold all the drinks you could ever need for the weekend, and it doubles as a bench, non-slip step stool, tabletop, and extra cutting board. Get your group’s mantra, logo, or the best design that fits your vibe on it so it’ll be easier to figure out, “Is this our campsite or…?”

A high quality duffle bag with the option to add your own design to it? Sign us up. Tough, durable, and carry-on size! With a puncture resistant material, all of your favorite outfits, glitters, and festival necessities will be right where you left them, dry, safe and sound.

With the Captain Jack Sparrow running TikTok’s floating around, you may be feeling a like the pirate’s life is for you. The ORCA Oak Barrel is perfect for living that Captain Morgan fantasy. This is a badass tumbler that will definitely start up some new conversations and maybe land you some new festival fam!

We found the perfect loophole for that "no glass" rule we often come across at festivals and other outdoor events. This will be your new go-to portable bottle for your favorite wine or liquor. This is triple-insulated so your chardonnay, merlot, or vodka will stay fresh. The leak proof cap can also double as a shot glass so you can party in the moment wherever, whenever.

Mimosas are the lifeblood of the festival morning routine. While you’re getting ready for the unforgettable memories you’re about to make, it’s good to be able to sip at your leisure and not run through the bottle too fast. Keep that magical elixir fresh, bubbly and cold. Pick up the flute straw lid and a stainless steel straw so you can keep that freshly added lipstick perfect.

Ice. Cold. Water. Yes, you need it. Your body isn’t made of beer, wine, and liquor. It’s water. So yes, having a well insulated water bottle or jug is literally the gift of the music gods. And to sweeten the deal, use one of our cool festival designs or upload your own so it can act like a motivating beacon to keep you going. Have a few swigs and then, yes, you can get your next drink.

Be your own mixologist and save money at the bar by crafting your own concoction. The Flaskap Volst has a thread lock and fill line so it’s easy to see how much you’ve drank. Use the MADIC vessel to top off your cocktail so you can have a perfect sip every time. The future is now.

Ready to make some best friends? This Backpack Keg is perfect for serving ice cold water, Gatorade, beer, sangria, margaritas, etc. Be the life of the party and keep the drinks flowing. With thick backpack straps, you can take the bar with you without the strain. No more lines, super marked-up bar prices, and never missing out on those “you had to be there” moments again.

Never have a flat, warm beer that you force yourself to suffer through because drinks inside are expensive. This can koozie comes with a freezable adapter that keeps your beer ice cold, hops and all, and the can holder can double as a pint glass! Tons of color options to match the vibe, your outfit, and the festival theme.