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Back to School Prep 2024: Build Your Back to School Bag in 5 Steps

Written by: Elyse Hopfe



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Back-to-school can be a whirlwind for everyone gearing up for another of a school year. As shopping for school essentials gets more complicated each year, having a solid plan can make all the difference in staying prepared. Don’t worry—there’s no need to panic! We’re here to rescue you from the chaos of the "hunger games" at Target with five straightforward steps to build your perfect back-to-school bag, tailored just for you.

Step One: Bags You Can Count On

An additional bag comes in handy more often than we expect when carrying around school projects, a change of clothes, snacks for after-school practice or textbooks for a day full of lectures. Cramming a paper mache art piece inside of a backpack should be illegal! Keep your snacks and sips ice cold all day with the RTIC Everyday Can Cooler or keep outfits fresh and organized with a completely customizable tote to match this school year’s aesthetic.

Step Two: Lunch To-Go

Preparedness is key when packing up lunches as parents or students. You want a lunchbox that you can literally run out of the door without worrying about anything spilling inside. For elementary students, having a lunch bag that clips onto their backpack will change the game when they inevitably decide not to carry their lunch anymore. For everyone else packing a lunch, though, these food jars with handles will protect your lunchbox from even the most soupy and saucy meals and keep it the perfect temperature as if you had just cooked it.

Step Three: Hydration Nation

Staying hydrated is just as important during recess as it is during after school practices. These handpicked insulated water bottles and tumblers are trendy, tough, and come in different sizes to fit the hectic schedules that students of all ages have! And for our college freshman, don’t forget to grab versatile cups that can keep their coffee hot in the morning and water ice cold in the afternoon for the campus commute.


High School


Step Four: Backpack Accessories

After stocking up on pens and notebooks, our back-to-school bags should almost be ready. However, adding a few small yet essential accessories can truly save the day—like a straw topper to protect tumblers from classroom germs and compliment your emotional support cup. Teachers, we’re looking at you since your immune systems of steel could always use some extra armor at school!

Step Five: Back to School for Teachers and Parents

Teachers, we are ready to help you put the finishing touches on your new school year plans. Not to mention the wonderful parents and guardians who double as chauffeurs, alarm clocks, personal chefs, etc. who pass off the kiddos in the morning. We wouldn’t forget about you guys, and we bet that you wouldn’t forget about that morning coffee or tea! Complete any of these cups with your own design or our new Back to School monograms to add some sparkle to your morning.