Best Wines to Pair with Thanksgiving Dinner

Written by: Tori Matthews



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Thanksgiving (and Friendsgiving too) gatherings can range from the small get-togethers and mass gathering of siblings, parents, in-laws, cousins and more that is basically a second family reunion. So for those that are old enough to indulge, enjoying wine that pairs flawlessly with the turkey, stuffing, and everything else in between is not a want, but a need. So we have picked out our top wine picks for this year’s Thanksgiving festivities.

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Bubbly for Appetizers

This is when you want to keep things light and airy, so having sparkling wine or champagne while your guests dip into the feasting activities with your appetizers is the best way to kick off Thanksgiving. We recommend leaning towards the crisp and drier side of the sparkling wines as it will easily balance with your beginning dishes while the turkey finishes in the oven.

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Light Bodied Reds

Now choosing between red and white can be a contentious debate, but we think each side can find its place at the dinner table. While there is a huge range of reds to choose from, sticking to the light bodied family allows you to fully enjoy the meal that already has a ton of flavor packed into every bite. Plus, there are 13 common light reds, like the Pinot Noir, you can easily find at your local store. Check out this list of light reds, that range from lightest in flavor to richest so you can best pick out the wine that will pair with your style of Thanksgiving dinner. 

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Easy Sipping Sauvignon

Sauvignon Blancs are all about citrus acidity and are a great pairing with a wide variety of spices and herbs that will most likely play a part in all of your Thanksgiving dishes. And a quick google search will show that this type of white easily matches with so many different meats, cheese, and vegetables so really you can’t go wrong here.

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Resilient Rieslings

If you are just looking for a simple pairing solution, Rieslings are the way to go. They can lean very dry or dip its toe into sweet with some flavors like apples and peaches that can permeate, so this is a great balanced option to pair with all the flavors going on at the table. Whether you like to put each dish on your plate at once, including dessert, or try one dish at a time, any Riesling can keep up with all of the different spices and sweets dancing on your tastebuds.

Charles Smith Kung Fu Girl Riesling - Average Cost $10-$15 


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Pie and Port

While some enjoy coffee and tea with their dessert, others like to go for a lovely dessert port that adds to the levels of flavor. The rich flavors from the assortment of pies, like pumpkin and pecan, and the distinct depth of sweetness, with undertones of berries and chocolate, or a semi-dry sweetness with more caramel and nutty flavors, will be the perfect send-off after the big feast.

Taylor Fladgate 10 Year Tawny - Average Cost $25-35 


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