Custom Branding’s 2023 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Written by: Tori Matthews



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Mother’s Day is fast approaching and your Mother, Grandmother, and anyone else that has a child deserves more than a candle from Bath and Body Works (no shade to them, we love their 3-wick candles too) and some last minute scrambling to fill up the gift bag. We should celebrate the women in our lives everyday but on Mother’s Day, let’s go the extra mile. We put together a list of gifts for some of the different types of moms out there so you can really show your appreciation and love for everything she has done and continues to do for you.

For the mom that whose soul runs on caffeine

Our bodies are made of 70% of water, but the coffee mom’s are made up of 99.9% of caffeine. How they’re alive we’ll never know because if we had that much we’d be in the ground by now. But the coffee moms are superheroes in their own right and get more done in a day than we ever will in our entire lifetime. Instead of getting another cheap coffee cup from your local big brand store, get your caffeinated mama a customized mug that will keep her coffee hot for hours throughout the daily morning fiasco and still have hot coffee waiting for her. But your breakfast? We’ll just say R.I.P. For mom’s on the go, a travel tumbler mug is a perfect gift so they can finally run errands without their coffee going cold and spilling it all over the car seats.  

Tiny Human Trainer Engraved 18oz mug by glasses
32oz brumate nav tumbler in denim with mom hair dont care engraved on it

For the mom that knows all the tea

These are the moms that we look forward to having a glass of wine or two with and catching up on everything that is going on in the neighborhood, the latest celebrity scandals, and what your little sibling got in trouble for this week. Reality TV has nothing on this mom’s storytelling skills and is easily more entertaining than those weekly soap operas. She needs a wine tumbler that keeps her from spilling any drops when the story calls for acting it out and a Togosa so her choice of wine, sparkling or not, stays fresh from when she first sits down to the last drop.

Coral 12oz polar camel wine tumbler with mom life engraved on it
Custom Branding​​
white brumate togosa with cool mom club printed on it

For the mom that says she likes to garden but really just vibes on the patio

Every Mother’s Day you and your mom make a trip to Home Depot’s garden center with the inspiration to jump start the garden. But eventually the bags of soil sit there for months and only a couple of flowers get planted. So maybe your Mom doesn’t have the biggest green thumb, but that doesn’t mean she’s not going to vibe out on her patio. Nurture by nature is good for the soul and the backyard is as good a place as any. Make her special outside time even better this Mother’s Day with her own personalized cooler like the RTIC Everyday Can Cooler and a can coozie to keep her favorite drinks ice cold all afternoon. 

Customized RTIC Everyday Can Cooler
Customized Simple Modern Ranger Slim
Simple Modern

For the mom that goes off the beaten trail

She prefers wandering in the forests, setting up the perfect campsite, and has that Disney princess power where all of the little creatures are her best friend. Her favorite stores are REI and Whole Earth Provision Co. and the majority of her wardrobe is Patagonia. On the weekends she is hitting the trails, finding new national parks to add to her bucket list, and avoiding places like the mall at all costs. This mom is the ultimate Outdoorswoman and gifting customized gifts like the MiiR Camp Cup or an insulated tote like the Grizzly Carryall Cooler Bag will be a much needed upgrade for some of her more worn out adventure gear that need to pass the torch. 

MiiR Camp Cup - Monogram Mother
Monogrammed Grizzly Cooler Bag for Mother

For the mom that is her own Iron Chef

This is the mom that can make a meal out of odds and ends from the fridge and dreams of tweeting Gordan Ramsey her latest creation and getting a tweet’s version of a standing ovation. She gets sucked into those Tiktok Amazon finds with the latest kitchen gadgets and watches every competition cooking show, convinced she could win each episode. Customize a cutting board with her initials and pair it with a new wine cup like the Brumate Un'corked wine tumbler and add a culinary-inspired design. These Mother’s Day gifts will display beautifully in her kitchen kingdom while also getting a lot of love. Because you can’t cook without a cutting board and you shouldn’t cook without a glass of wine in your hand, obviously.

Be Kind Bring Wine Customized Wine Tumbler
Customized Custom Branding cutting board for mother
Custom Branding

For the mom that eats, sleeps, take kids to sports, and repeats

We all know a Sports Mom, or your own mom may have fit into this mom type, whose car has been completely taken over by their kid’s sports bags and gear. But she still is the best motivator and their kid’s own cheer squad, showing up to every practice and every game. Personalize some sporty must-haves, like a new insulated tote for game-day drinks and snacks and an insulated water bottle like cult favorite Hydro Flask 40oz Wide Mouth Bottle. Add your Mom’s initials, her kid’s sports team name, or both!

Hydro Flask monogrammed for Mother
Hydro Flask
Customized RTIC insulated tote for mother

For the mom that thinks their kid is the next Picasso and Shakespeare

Noone proudly displays their kid’s doodle art all over their fridge and desk like a Mom. Get her favorites on a tumbler, water bottle, tote bag, and more with our customizer! Simply take a picture of their doodles, upload their drawing, and add it to her Mother’s Day gift. Pro tip: pick out artwork or have her kids make something special on a white piece of paper for easy upload and transfer. Include their practice spelling or their cute little stories they write in class. Shakespeare made up his own words, so this could really be their inner genius showing.

women holding tote bag with kid doodle printed on it
Custom Branding​​
Hydro Flask All Around Tumbler 28 oz with kids doodle printed on it
Custom Branding​​