Get Ready For Wedding Season

Written by: Brandon Holdt



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When planning your wedding, there are tons of items on a checklist that seems to never end. You have to consider the caterer, the florist, the venue, who can sit next to who without a fight breaking out, etc. Making a million decisions is exhausting, especially with the insane amount of research that goes into it. This is your day, and ideally it’s got to go as perfect as it possibly can. So Custom Branding wanted to take out some of that extra leg work with our Wedding Design Collection. 
bachelorette designs engraved into insulated barware

Put any of these designs on our barware, tumblers, or other insulated drinkware. Make it an easy wedding favor to your wedding party and closest family members that stands the test of time, just like your new marriage. Add their names on the other side so handing out is just as easy as sipping on that bubbly. This is also a great idea for those that want to get the lucky couple something unique, fun, and will last them forever. It’s an eco-friendly, budget friendly, and thoughtful way to show your love to the new couple.

custom engraved brumate can holders with wifey and hubby