ReHydration Bottle | 25 oz Straw Lid Bottle

Brand: Brumate

  • $44.99

Customize the front, back, or both!

Laser Engrave or Color Print

ReHydration Bottle | 25 oz Straw Lid Bottle

About the Product

A water bottle that suits both sides of your personality, Hydration Mode and Party Mode. Whether you need a water refresher or want to take a shot of your favorite liquor, you won’t want to go anywhere without it. The leak-proof twist off lid doubles a straw with an easy-carry handle and as a 1.5 oz shot glass, making this bottle all the more versatile. Drink Better. Whenever. Wherever.

Please handwash all Brumate products. You may put your lid and gasket ring in the dishwasher but first turn OFF the hot water and heat-dry function.

Ensure Customization Longevity:

Color printed drinkware should be handwashed only.

Laser engraved customizations are permanent and dish-washer safe (unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer)