19 Summer Camping Gear Picks to Revolutionize Your Outdoor Experience

The long summer days filled with s’mores and swimming are finally upon us, and we all have been waiting to soak up those sunny rays. If you’re considering camping this summer, whether it's with family, from an RV, backpacking with friends, or just hanging out in the backyard, we want you to do it in comfort and style. While you’re waking up with the ocean sunrise or seeing fireflies in the forest at twilight, the last thing anyone needs is a leaking cooler or impossible-to-clean bowls flying loose in your bags that keep slipping off of your shoulder. Leave the supplies to us, and we will let the great outdoors create the magic for wherever nature calls you this camping season. We put together our top 19 camping gear picks that are perfect for your next summer adventure.

Campsite Essentials

Solo Stove

Leaving the environment untouched is a huge priority for a lot of camping enthusiasts, and this portable stove keeps that in mind. Not only does it take multiple, eco-friendly fuel types, but it is 100% smoke free. Enjoy more than just cereal bars at your campsite without disrupting the environment thanks to this little guy!

Simple Modern Provision Food Jars

Easily hold onto and carry your snacks or meals in this insulated jar that has a very grabbable carry lid. This jar can keep food fresh from inside a backpack, a cup holder, or even from the hands of our brave young companions who insist on carrying their own snacks.

Wyld Gear Wyld Party Cup 24 oz

Is the campfire really a campfire without some solo cups being passed around? Make your beer last longer and taste better with this insulated, reusable solo cup dupe that will earn you icon status at the campsite.

Rigwa FRESH Bowls

This bowl does it all from temperature preservation to being spill-proof. Oh, and did we mention the angled sides for easy eating and sharing? Don’t let your chili or that candy salad from TikTok melt or spill during your trip to the campsite so that you can dig in with minimal mess when it’s time to chow down.

Simple Modern Voyager Tumbler 12 oz

Tumblers are a globe trotter’s best friend. Keep your campsite coffee warm for hours and afternoon spiked Arnold Palmers ice cold with the double insulation and leakproof lid. Pack the included straws for easy sipping while out on the boat or on the road. This tumbler will chill in your cup holder as Hozier hits your speakers to make your trip the most magical adventure yet.

Wyld Gear Wyld Multi Can

This customizable can holder goes beyond what your old coozie collection ever dreamed of being. With over 7 sizes of cans and bottles that it fits and a bottle opener on the base, this double-wall insulated can holder keeps your drinks ice cold and keeps everyone else’s paws off of your favorite brew.

Hiking and Backpacking Gear

Black Icemule Pro Cooler

RTIC Travel Mug 16 oz

Never choose between an early morning hike or your wake-up coffee with this mug made for traveling. The mug is spill resistant and prepared to keep your coffee hot for hours, so you can focus on making your way up to that gorgeous sunrise view you’ve been reading all about.

OtterBox Mobile Charge Kit

So you made it up the mountain, but your phone battery didn’t last. Not since you brought this charging kit that has 3 charger types and an ultra slim build that fits right in your pocket. Now you can get the perfect pic of that amazing view!

ICEMULE Pro Cooler Large

Lugging a cooler up a steep slope or all the way down to sea level will make anyone break a sweat just thinking about it. The comfortable shoulder straps and durable exterior can withstand the elements. This backpack cooler will keep your drinks ice cold for over 24 hours, so you can focus on enjoying the journey. Catch a tan or save your breath in high altitudes and enjoy a perfectly iced brew (or two).

Takeya Actives Water Bottle 64 oz

Having your water run out halfway through the trail with no tap nearby is a nightmare that will stay in the realm of imagination thanks to this water bottle. It’s large, in charge, and will keep every drop inside ice cold for hours. Also, the spout lid makes sharing sips with fellow explorers a breeze.

Grizzly Gear Bag 40 QT

You’re packing tongs, a spatula, a headlamp, a frying pan… and they are at the bottom of your backpack below all of your crumpled up clothes. Navigate the trenches of your camping supplies by stowing your gear in here and folding up the bag for storage when not in use.

Coolers for Days

Engel Drybox/Cooler 19 QT

Presenting to you: a practical solution that comes in the cutest colors to prevent the nastiest of messes. Fit 30 cans of bubbly goodness at your side, even on a kayak, or use it to keep your phone, gopro and keys safe from the roaring rapids with the secure metal latches. Focus on rushing waterfalls and the smell of fresh pine instead of losing your stuff, warm beers or a leaking bowl of leftovers

ORCA Wheeled Cooler 65 QT

Easily trek through sand, rock, and tree roots with these sturdy wheeled cooler. This insulated bad boy will keep your drinks and snacks ice cold for up to 8 days, which means you can stay hydrated with your favorite sips, like your much needed cold brew. Plus, get a handle on your week in the woods with an extendable grip that is so comfortable that your hands will thank you. That way, your strength can be preserved for fishing, climbing, or making a delicious dinner on the grill.

RTIC Soft Pack Cooler 12 Can

Snack duty is a cinch with this waterproof, 100% leak proof and easily cleanable soft cooler. Keep the Capri Suns and sandwiches handy and then combine them with some Doritos for the perfect summer lunch.

Kids and Pets

Polar Camel Kids Bottle 12 oz

The kids have successfully migrated from the iPad to the great outdoors, so don’t let them sip on warm water from sun-baked plastic bottles! They can help design their bottle with their name, a fun vibrant design or long-lasting laser engraving. Your kiddo can carry it around with ease and feel refreshed thanks to its vacuum insulation.

RTIC 3-in-1 Dog Bowl Small

Furry friends love to witness the world with us, and we have the best idea for their water bowl situation. RTIC’s multi-faceted bowl has a silicone boot that can be removed and used as a second bowl for their food, or for multiple pets to enjoy from simultaneously and comfortably.

Carrying Made Easy

RTIC 2-in-1 Chillout Bag

What if only one person had to carry the tote and the cooler in just one bag? Because of this cooler-tote combo, everyone is a happy camper! Keep your clothes, phone, wallet and keys organized up top with multiple internal pockets. Bring your favorite drinks and snacks in the insulated base. Need to bring along an extra blanket or towel? Use the clip-in straps so you can keep your arms free. Simplify your outing and forget the juggling act with this versatile hybrid bag.

Custom Branding Recycled Canvas Tote Bag

Now you can finally evolve into the ultimate granola girl because this canvas tote is made from recycled canvas. Bring this bag everywhere, like to the sand for a beach picnic, up the mountain with some trail mix, or bring it back to the grocery store to grab some fresh fruit to go with tomorrow’s breakfast. Customize the front with your favorite New Girl quote or a nature-inspired design that fits your style.

RTIC Road Trip Duffle Bag Medium

Once the fun times are coming to an end, many of us are faced with transporting muddy shoes, dirty silverware, or bottles of bug spray back home. All of those mess hazards can go in the dividers, pockets, and zippers within the bag’s extra durable walls. Out of sight and out of mind, until you get home of course.