Custom Branding’s Father’s Day Gift Guide 2023

Dads. They are the most difficult to shop for. It doesn’t matter if it’s their birthday, Christmas, and especially Father’s Day, they’ll tell you, “I’m fine”, “Don’t worry about me”, “I don’t need anything”, “Go away, I’m napping”, etc. But we’re stubborn and like a challenge, so we have put together a gift guide for Father’s Day 2023. Get your Dad, Step-Dad, Grandpa, the Father of your fur baby, a customized gift that will make him feel celebrated and may even bring a single tear to his eye. Fingers crossed.

For the Dad whose second home is the gym

This Dad loves to use his kids as free weights, is always ready for a foot race, and refuses to take two trips for the groceries. The bundle includes a BlenderBottle protein shaker and RTIC backpack that you can personalize with his name or his favorite Dad joke. Now he can ditch his old, and probably smelly, gym bag and opt for a backpack that can hold everything he needs and fit snugly in the gym lockers.The BlenderBottle protein shaker is a favorite amongst other avid workout gurus, weightlifters, and gym fanatics around.

For the Dad that isn’t a person until he has coffee

On weekends he likes visiting his favorite coffee shop, always has a pot ready to go at home at a moments notice, and probably has a mug or two that have been heavily stained from years of coffee sipping. For Father’s Day, get him a unique and modern ceramic travel mug that he’ll be excited to use everyday. The Fellow Carter Slide Mug has a one-flick open lid so he can multi-task with ease and will keep his coffee perfectly hot up to 12 hours (not like it would last that long anyway). 

For the Dad is the human incarnate of Inspector Gadget

He loves staying up to date with all things tech, has an Amazon wishlist full of the latest hardware, and is your go-to for the latest and greatest gadgets. This bundle includes an Otterbox Lowball tumbler that is there for from his morning coffee to his after-dinner whiskey and the Ridge Wallet that is a sleek and minimalist wallet that can hold 12 cards and block RFID. 

For the Dad who loves his dog more than himself

He brings his dog with him everywhere and if he can’t, then he probably will give you a raincheck. And if this Dad hasn’t already asked for a present for his dog rather than himself, then at least get his furry best friend a versatile dog bowl that can be used for both food and water, comes with a non-slip boot for the messier eaters, and keeps their water nicely chilled so your Dad doesn’t have to sacrifice his own iced water. Laser engrave their names or a fun nickname for them like the “the dognamic duo” or “Turner and Hooch”. 

For the Dad that gets to the airport 4 hours early

He holds onto everyone’s ID’s, planet tickets, and if he had it his way, he would be carrying all the luggage. This Dad knows how to travel, and insists on efficient packing, so the RTIC Rolling Duffle Bag is a fantastic gift for Father’s Day. From work trips to weekend getaways, this durable duffle can be carried or rolled, and can handle any weather or disgruntled airline worker. Now all he will need to worry about is rushing to the gate to make sure it exists before taking a pre-plane ride nap.

For the Dad that is the neighborhood grill master

You can catch him on the weekends on the back patio lighting up some coal or turning on the gas with a giddy smile before he slaps that first piece of meat on the barbecue. We love the grill master Dads because you can smell those tasty, smokey aromas floating in the air and you know you’re in for some good eats. Our Cutting Board with Drip Ring is a great gift to add to his grilling repertoire. He can cut and serve his flavorful fare without any of the juices falling off the board. Laser engrave his favorite grilling phrase, his initials, or a cheeky grill master design.  

For the Dad that tried to brew his own beer, realized it’s too much work, and now likes to “talk shop” at his local brewery

This Dad can chat for hours about the brewing process, loves trying the latest IPA and Pale Ale creations from his favorite brewery, and probably has one of those bottle cap tables showcasing his collection of beers he’s enjoyed from around the world. The Brewery Dad bundle is perfect for Father’s Day, because he can finally lay those old neoprene can coozies to rest. The Brewery Dad bundle includes the Wyld Gear Multi Can that comes with a bottle opener on the bottom and the new ORCA stein that will make him feel like Barney from the Simpsons. 

For the Dad that says he loves golf but is asleep in 5 minutes (and also yells at you if you try to change the channel)

He has a collection of golf clubs, an insane amount of golf balls, and when he’s on the green, he secretly calls himself the Golf Father. We love our golfing Dads, except when the Masters are on, then you better find something else to do because that channel is not budging. The Polar Camel Golf Tumbler is perfect to keep his Arnold Palmers and golf course beers chilled and fresh for hours, long enough to last all 18 holes.

For the Dad that would live out in the woods if your Mom would let him

This Dad was definitely an Eagle Scout, went through a live-off-the-land phase when Man vs. Wild took over the Discovery Channel, and is the one you call up when you have a camping question. He is an explorer at heart and gets excited to show you his latest gear. The Mr. Adventure bundle will be the ideal gift for Father’s Day that your Dad will absolutely love. This bundle includes the new Grizzly Gear Bag, a heavy-duty bag that has a zip-up mesh lid and makes hauling gear easier, an RTIC water bottle that will keep his water ice cold for hours, and a free stainless steel bottle opener for when he cracks open a cold one at his destination.