Top Summer Travel Necessities 2023

Temperatures are rising, flights and hotels are being booked, cruises are setting sail, and sunscreen is selling out. Our Summer 2023 travel necessities list will help you get ready for your much-needed vacation. Check out these perfect travel products to make your journey more personalized and memorable.

Road Trip Must Haves

A woman sitting outside reaching into her RTIC Ultra Tough Tote that says "Dog Mom"

Are you loading up the car and taking the long way? A portable dog bowl is a road trip essential so your furry friend has food and water wherever you go. The RTIC 3-in-1 Dog Bowl is easily stackable, and can break down into two separate bowls with the separable silicone boot. And for the humans, the RTIC Ultra Tough Tote is perfect for all of our snacks, magazines, and energy drinks to keep you alive. This cooler tote is puncture resistant and doesn't tip so the only hot mess in your car is you.

A woman removing the silicone cover from the RTIC Dog Bowl revealing dog food inside.

Camping Gear

A closed 3-Piece BBQ set with a sausage graphic on the lid
A woman holding her phone as it get charged by the Otterbox Mobile Charging Kit

Traveling out into the wilderness can be intimidating but we’ve got you covered! A portable charger is a camping essential to ensure you have a reliable power source for your devices. The Otterbox Mobile Charging Kit comes with a 3-in-1 cable to power any device, even your friends that have the green text bubble. Additionally, a handy grill tool set will have you feeling like a professional camper that would make your caveman ancestors proud. Our 3-Piece BBQ set comes in a wood box that can be engraved with your chef nickname, favorite Gordan Ramsey quote, or a tasty looking turkey leg.

Airplane Essentials

A man holding a canvas tote bag displaying a graphic
A man holding a Hydroflask from his fingers

You’re waiting at your gate to board your flight, you have assigned the role of airport crush to the kid two rows over, and you’re wondering if they’re impressed by your aesthetic. Just because you’re at the airport for a ridiculously early flight, doesn’t mean you can’t have a cute, customized fit to impress your imaginary boo. A personalized tote bag is a perfect functional carry-on for your flight. Our Recycled Canvas Tote Bag is both durable and reusable, and has a huge decoration space to show off your vibe. Skip those tiny little water cups that you get in-flight and opt for a spill-proof, well-insulated water bottle. Hydro Flasks are one of the best travel water bottles because they are vacuum insulated, keeping your drink ice cold all the way through the whole flight.

Hiking Necessities

A woman hiking wearing a RTIC Road Trip Backpack with a nature graphic on the back
The Igloo Collapsible Lunch Pack with a plant graphic on the front

The ideal hike involves more than discovering an excellent trail and channeling your inner eagle scout; it requires packing the essential items and proper gear. Gear up for the ultimate hike with the RTIC Road Trip Backpack—a waterproof wonder with compartments that'll make Mary Poppins jealous. A lunch box is also essential so you can store and protect your food during the hike. The IGLOO Collapsible Lunch with Pack Ins is great because it comes with storage containers and can be customized with your name so Steve doesn’t steal your food again.

Beach Essentials

Man holding the 45qt RTIC Cooler
RTIC Cooler opened with drinks, snacks and ice inside

Nothing gets hotter, and flatter, than your drinks on the beach. Bring an insulated bottle holder to keep your drink cool in your hand and use a cooler to keep your future drinks perfectly chilled. The 45 qt RTIC Cooler is great for the beach because in addition to keeping your drinks cold it can serve as a bench, step stool, or tabletop. The Brumate Insulated Bottle Holder has a double-wall vacuum insulated design. Be sure to personalize your bottle holder so you know which drink is yours!

two people toasting with beers that have the Brumate Insulated Bottle Holder

Hotel Essentials

The Ridge Aluminum wallet being held with a card sticking out, engraved with an alien
The MIIR Camp Cup being filled with coffee engraved with "Happy Camper"

Even the nicest hotels won’t have everything you need, so here's what you need to pack. Your hotel room may have a coffee machine but bring an insulated coffee mug to keep your drink warm for hours. The MIIR 12 oz Camp Cup is the perfect option because it comes with a press-fit slide lid. Another thing you definitely cannot forget is your wallet. Upgrade that old, torn up leather bi-fold and customize your own aluminum wallet from The Ridge to keep your money safe and ready to spend on souvenirs! 

Boat Accessories

a man holding the Ridge Summit Knife in his palm with the name "BRIAN" engraved on the handle

What are two essentials for a perfect day on the boat? Frosty drinks and good music! The Kool Tunes Speaker is both a bluetooth speaker and a cooler with an awesome retro look. Regardless of your boating activities, you should also always have a knife on you. Whether you are using it to cut fishing lines, ropes, or fighting off the loch ness monster, the Summit Knife has your back.The D2 drop point blade coupled with an aluminum or carbon fiber handle makes for a reliable, durable tool.

Ridge Summit Knife cutting through a piece of rope
a woman walking and holding up the playmate pink and teal Bluetooth cooler